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Term 5

This term we have PE on Tuesdays, gym with Miss Day in the hall and Wednesdays, outside with Mrs Thompsett. 

We will be using new reading books this term.


Term 4

When we came back after halfterm the main school hall had turned into a Rainforest, ready for us all to start our new topic.  We learnt a lot about the many different animals that live in the rainforests.  We prentended to be sloths, howler monkeys and used our sense of smell like a tapir.  Our next topic was Minibeasts and some caterpillars came to live in the classroom.  We spent a lot of time hunting for minibeasts that live in our outdoor area.  We finished the term with the topic Medicine, looking at people who can help us when needed.  We had our first school Easter Egg hunt.     

Term 3

We completed learning all our sounds for the year!  We started the year by learning about space.  Our question was 'Is the Moon made of cheese?'  We made our own moons, space gloop, tried space ice cream and experienced zero gravity.  Our next topic was Trains, Planes and Automobiles, we took part in a vehicle survey and practiced road safety.  We then moved on to Angry Planet, where we built structures to see if they would survive an earthquake. 

Happy New Year to you all and welcome back.

This term we will be covering the Topics of Space, then Trains, Planes and Automobiles as well as Angry Planet.  We will be learning 14 new sounds and some more of those Tricky words.  We will have gymnastics inside on a Tuesday and outdoor PE on a Wednesday (may need some warmer clothes).   

Term 2

Another busy Term for Toucans.  First we finished our Discovery Topic and then started our Where's Wally Topic.  We joined the rest of the school to fly around the world with Tydd Airways.  During this topic we looked at lots of different foods and the countries they came from, we may have done a bit of extra taste testing.  Next came the Topic Design, with our focus texts being by Nick Sharratt our class author.  We designed all sorts of different things! We were challenged to make a house for the Three Little Pigs and a bridge for the Three Billy Goats Gruff, we tested them to see if they were any good.  Our final Topic for the term is Toys, we are enjoying playing with 'old fashioned' toys.  We are also creating lots of Christmas craft and working hard on performing Christmas with the Aliens.

In maths we have looked at numbers 5 and 6, we are trying to learn all the ways to make these numbers.  We are counting everyday.  We have met two new 2D shapes, pentagon and hexagon as well as two new 3D shapes, a pyramind and a cube.  These are now hanging in the classroom for Mrs Thompsett to bang her head on.       


Term 1

Toucans have been extremely busy!  We have a new Topic every two weeks.  So far our topics have been All About Me, Tydd and Farming.  We are currently on Discovery and looking at the question 'Were dinosaurs real?' and sharing books by Ian Whybrow.  Next week we will start our Where's Wally? topic and the question 'Is everywhere like Tydd?' and will have new books for the children to choose from to take home.

In phonics we are learning phase 2 sounds.

In maths we have looked at numbers 1, 2, 3 and 4. We are counting everyday.  We are learning to share, to create patterns and shape names and properties.  So far we have learnt the following 2D shapes; circle, semi-circle, and triangle.  3D shapes sphere, cone and cylinder and these are hanging in the classroom.       

Our class Author is Nick Sharratt.