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Another term completed and three more topics completed.  This term our PE focus was athletics and we focused on a range of skills including running, jumping and throwing.  We have recorded the distances we threw a tennis ball, beanbag and javelin and we are going to see how these improve as we move up through the school.  

18.4.23 This term our PE sessions are on Tuesdays, which will be outside and focus on Athletics and Wednesdays will be gym with Miss Day. 

Happy Easter

Another term completed and filled with lots of firsts for us all.  We took part in our first whole school Pancake Race, celebrated World Book Day and created a piece of art work to be displayed in a Gallery for everyone to view.  In Phonics we used chunking to help us read longer words and looked at adding 'ing'.  We met the numbers 9 and 10.  In PE our focus was Dance, we changed the movements to Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes and moved like vehicles.  In gym we worked on new body shapes and sequencing movements and skills.  We learnt about Mozart in music and played our sound shapes to one of his famous pieces of music.

We covered three topics: Rainforest, Minibeasts and medicine.

Our Rainforests topic had us laid on our backs to see what it is like to be a sloth. Learning that Howler monkeys are the loudest and did our best to make the same noises. Used our sense of smell to workout what scents were in the cups, just like a tapir.  We made toucans.

During our Minibeats topic We hunted inside and outside for minibeasts. We had a visit from Zoolab and met real minibeasts. We played in the snow! We made and decorated lots of beautiful butterflies.

Medicine was our final topic we learnt about people who help us. We had a visit from three paramedics and got to explore inside an ambulance. We took part in our first school Easter egg hunt.

Another term completed!  We have learnt all our Phase 3 sounds, we will not be learning any more new ones, until we move into Robins class. We will be using them to read longer words instead.  We have met the numbers 6, 7 and 8 this term as well as shapes; hexagon, octogan and a cube and cubiod.  We celebrated two more 5th birthdays. 

We have covered three topics: Space, Trains, Planes and Automobiles and Anrgy Planet.

During our Space Topic we look at the question 'Is the moon made of cheese?' We made our own moons and made craters using marbles on flour.  We got very messy with shaving foam and food colouring while making our own planets. We were all brave and went inside a dark Planetarium and looked at the planets closely and the sky at night.

We completed a vehicle survey while looking at the question 'What are all these vehicles doing?'. We learnt about the Green Cross Code and had a go at safely crossing a 'road'. We made our own vehicles in art.     

Angry Planet saw us being Wombles and doing a litter pick and  making structures and seeing if they would survive an earthquake.  


2.1.23 This term we will be changing the rocket from 2022 to 2023!  Our new topic is Space.  We will continue to have PE on Tuesdays (outside) and Wednesdays (gym inside)

We made it to the end of 2022.  We learnt all our phase 2 sounds and 22 tricky words.  We have been learning about numbers 1 to 5 and subitising.  We completed 3 more topics, Where's Wally?, Design and Toys.  Part of our Where's Wally? topic included lots of food tasting.  We designed and made houses for the Three Little Pigs and tested them to see if the wolf could blow them in! Then we designed and made bridges for the Three Billy Goats to cross.  Our final topic Toys had us all playing with old fashioned toys, then Mrs Thompsett shared some of the toys she has at home, then we had a go with some electronic toys.  We all performed in our school Navity Baarmy Bethleham, some of us played multiple roles!  We went on our first school trip to the pantomine in Spalding. 

31.10.22 This term our PE days will be Tuesdays and Wednesdays and both sessions will be inside.  

What a busy first term we have had! We are settling into routines and getting to know each other better.  We have covered 3 topics, learnt 20 sounds and 3 tricky words! Please revisit these at home.  We have worked with all the teachers now and enjoy all the different subjects they teach.  We are doing very well with our gymnastic skills and have worked on forward rolls, balancing, rocking as well as cartwheels.  We even had the climbing apparatus out. 

We have celebrated four birthdays with pass the parcel, musical statues and cake! We had a visit from a John Deer tractor and compared ourselves to the size of the tyre. 

20.10.22 This week we have started our new topic, Tydd. We have also be given our first books, please share these at home and write any reading you do at home in the yellow books.

Well done on a brilliant first day as Toucans.  Sorry we didn't send you home as smart as you arrived!

Just to let you know that our PE days will be Tuesdays, which will be outside and Wednesdays will be gymnastics in the hall, this term.  

Our topic for the first two weeks is All About Me and we will be looking at our families and ourselves.  Please feel free to send in any photographs you have that can support this topic.  This topic's author is Anthony Browne.

Our class author for the year is Nick Sharratt.