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The invitations have been sent and we are all very much looking forward to our Teddy Bear Picnic!

Where's Wally?

Where is Wally hiding within the UK? England, Wales, Northern Ireland or Scotland? 

Well we didn't manage to find him in the UK after searching through London, Cardiff, Belfast and Edinburgh but we did find him at The Zoo, The airport and The Train Station so we wrote instuctions to help others find him too! We even used compass points. We learnt lots about the 4 countries of the UK and wrote information texts to share all of our knoweldge.

We had a fantastic Where's Wally day, where we dressed up and travelled on Tydd Airlines to lots of countires in each of the continents. We tasted food from different places, made crafts and danced.  What a fantastic experience it was! 


We have LOVED learning about and comparing the discoveries of Christopher Columbus and Neil Armstrong. We have also started our map work by plotting these key historic events on a map of the world.  We've attempted to constructed models of the aircraft involved in the Apollo 11 mission as well as imagened being on one of Christopher Columbus's three ships. We have asked and answered lots of questions about these historical figures and we make quite the historians! Our writing is developing too as during this topic we have written a diary entry and a newspaper article.

All About Me

What a fantastic start we have had as Robins! We have all settled well and we're already learning lots! We have learnt all about our bodies and senses so far as well as the people who help us. We have learnt that much we've also written information texts to share all of our knowledge. We have lots of jobs to do as Robins but we're doing a great job so far!

Welcome back! 

It is great to be back and I hope the children feel the same. Just to let you know that our PE days will be Tuesday and Wednesday this year. Indoor PE on a Tuesday and outdoor on a Wednesday. This means that PE kits will need to be in school on those days and the children will need warmer PE clothes as we head into the winter. I also reccomend bringing in PE kits on a Monday and taking them home on a Friday so that they are here all week if we need them. The year ones were very excited to choose their lockers this morning and the year twos did a great job showing them how it's done. The children now keep their belongings in their locker during the day and their PE kits can stay in there also. This also means  they are now responsible to filling those book bags and bringing letters and anything else into the classrooms themselves. Don't worry we'll keep reminding them for a while yet. 

I know myself and Mr Walsh are looking forward to the rest of the year and I hope you are too!