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Trains, Planes and Automobiles

This topic was kickstarted by our trip to Newark Air Museum and what a great day that was! We saw so many different types of aircraft and we even got to go inside some helicopters and talk to a real-life pilot! We saw lots of different engines and searched for aircraft badges. When we were back at school we designed our own model biplane (with a badge), then we made it and then evaluated it! We learnt all about a famous pilot called Amelia Earhart and wrote a biography about her life. 


Who knew planning a teddy bear's picnic involved so many jobs! We had to write plan who, what, where and when and then write invitations making sure they included all of the important information and write shopping lists but it was certainly worth it. We had a great time. Everyone brought their favourite teddies in and Miss Atkin even found Buckets just in time with thanks to our lost posters. 

Where's Wally

Everywhere you looked there was a Wally on Where's Wally Day! A day that was thoroughly enjoyed by all! After completing all of our crafts and dances from all around the world, Robins focused in upon the 4 countries of the UK. 

We created the flags and national flowers of England, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales as well as learnt about thier capital cities AND found them on different maps. We used compass directions to help us use the maps and when we wrote instructions helping the grownups (with bad eyes) how to find Wally. We also wrote an information text all about the UK. We're quite the experts. Go ahead ask us see what we know. 


During this topic followed the expeditions of Christopher Columbus and Neil Armstrong. After learning about Christopher Columbus, we took a step back in time ourselves and imagined what it would have been like for him. We then wrote a diary entry pretending we were Christopher Columbus. 

We watched Neil Armstrong take 'One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind' but it was very fussy and in black and white! We also re-enacted the different stages of the Apollo 11 mission and the important parts the Michael Collins and Buzz Aldrin had to play. We made our own rockets and wrote a newspaper article to let everyone know what happened. 

To complete this topic, we made comparisons between the two explorers. There were many similarities and differences. 

All About Me

During this topic we learnt lots about our human bodies. We created self-portraits of ourselves, explores the five senses and labels split pin versions of ourselves. We also found out about the uniforms, equipment and places of work of people who help us. We used this information to write information texts about a job. During this topic we also thought about what we might like to do when we grow up and why we would be good at it.

In Maths we have been focusing on all things number ready for addition and subtraction after half term. We are getting faster and faster at counting to 100 in many different ways and are working on getting back to 0.

Welcome Back Robins!

I hope you have all had a fantastic summer and I look forward to seeing you all on Monday 6th September. Mrs Van Dyke, Miss Day, Mrs Smart, Mrs Neale and Miss Sherry are all very excited too! 

Here's a few quick reminders. 

Tuesdays and Wednesdays will be our PE days so please make sure PE kits are in school on those days. Although it may be best to ensure that they remain in school all week just in case. Once we get into routine homework will be sent home and collected on Fridays and reading folders on set days.