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Engaging parents is an important part of the school's work. Staff are always available from 8:50 daily should you need to talk to them. Pupils in KS2 have a planner to aid communication with parents, in KS1 we adopt a home/school book and parents of pupils in EYFS are kept up to date with current events in their child's schooling via Tapestry- a computer based system.

Each term we invite parents in to work alongside their child for the last 20 minutes of one day a week on their curriculum targets. In the Autumn Term we focus on Reading, Spring Term Maths and in the Summer Term Writing. The current timetable for Parents in Class is

Tuesday- Owls 2:55-3:15

Tuesday- Robins 2:40-3:00

Thursday-  Kingfishers 2:55-3:15

 Current priorities for the school in its drive to provide the best education possible for all children are

  • Maximise opportunities for children to practise core reading skills throughout the curriculum. Raise attainment in reading for those children who attract PP funding

  • Early Language Development in EYFS- Oracy Research Project ‘Spread the Word’

  • Progression planning for grammar, punctuation and spelling throughout the school

  • Progression in mental arithmetic with a focus on Times Tables

  • Maximise opportunities to promote healthy life choices

  • Further strengthen the Leadership capacity within the school and enhance schools work in the service of the Parish/ wider community

At each parents evening we ask parents to complete a questionnaire like that contained on Parentview This helps us identify what it is we are doing well and areas in which need further development.  Thank you to the overwhelming number of parents who responded to our latest questionnaire distributed at Parents Evening held in April 2014. The summary of response to the last 2 questionnaires can be viewed by clicking on the link below.

Questionnaire October 2018

Questionnaire March 2019

Information regarding the school's spending of the Sports Funding and Pupil Premium can be found in the drop down box for Parents.