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06/01/2021   Remote Learning

Links have been created to each class page to detail our school offer for remote learning. Each class teacher has sent out an email with Zoom codes, google drive links and padlet details. Should you require these again please contact staff directly.

14/10/2020   Harvest

Sadly our annual Harvest Festival Service cannot go ahead this year but we will be marking the festival in school as part of our class collective worship time. We will also be collecting dry/ tinned produce to support our local food bank and Mrs Howell- who volunteers there each month- will be taking our donations at the end of term. Any donations you wish to make can be left by the front entrance to school. Faith at Home resources for Harvest have been uploaded to our website and can be found under the Policies tab directly under our Collective Worship policy should you wish to use them.

23/09/2020   Covid Update

Covid Update With the increasing rate of infection and wider restrictions put in place nationwide, I wanted to write to reassure parents that systems in school remain to ensure the safety of children whilst they are with us. The children have settled into the new routines brilliantly and we do not intend to relax any of the safety measures we have in place. In order to ensure we are doing absolutely everything we can to keep our whole community as safe as possible we intend to introduce further measures from Monday (that aside we would appreciate where people are able to that they act on the new measures immediately). In line with the increased use of face coverings, we are asking that anyone entering the school grounds to collect their children wear a facemask please. In addition- given the new rules of 6- we would like to encourage parents to consider the wisdom of gathering in larger groups and letting children play in the Parish playground after school. I know it is something the children enjoy but they have had opportunities throughout the school day to play with friends and the staggered timings in place are to keep the ‘bubbles’ we have created in school intact. Please understand that I am introducing face coverings on school ground and bringing the park issue to your attention to protect all and keep our school open and our school family safe. Thank you in advance for your cooperation. Shared on Facebook, the school website, by email and as a letter

09/09/2020   Cough- book a test

At a time when everything seems a little strange and feels confusing and occasionally overwhelming too, I want to write to reassure you that school remains a constant in your family’s life. I once again want to thank you for adhering to our staggered entry and exit times and leaving the school premises so quickly, it is such a help. I know that as time passes we will inevitably have children coming down with colds so I also wanted to clarify our procedure early on. If your child (or any family member) develops a new cough or a temperature (only one of the symptoms is needed) you should stay at home as a family, and ring 119 to book a test (or visit for the symptomatic person. I know many of you will feel able to determine that your child ‘just has a cold’, but we really do need to leave this decision in the hands of an expert during this global pandemic. If the test result comes back negative and your child is well in themselves then all children within the family are then able to return to school. If it is positive, every family member needs to self-isolate for 14 days and the Track and Trace protocol will begin. We have already had one family who have experienced this first hand and their responsible, proactive actions led to their child being tested and negative results returned within a 24 hour window; their child only missing one day of school. I cannot urge you enough to follow their lead. I know many will feel anxious and constant media coverage only serves to heighten this. By being proactive we can all help to keep our school, children and families safe. Thank you all for your ongoing support.

03/09/2020   Thank you

I wanted to very quickly thank you all for the significant part you played in the smooth reopening of school today. Whilst I know saying goodbye to your child/ren may have been even more difficult this morning and that the staggered entry and exit times are not easy for many, you all helped tremendously and I am most grateful for that. It is great to see busy classrooms filled with happy children- exactly the way a school should be! Every single child enjoying the fact that they are back with friends and teachers. I do look forward to a time when we are able to welcome you all back into school once again but until then I wanted to express my gratitude in helping us to keep everyone- children, parents and staff- as safe as possible. Stay safe!

27/08/2020   New year protocol

All children should only bring their lunch, water bottle and coat to school (should they be needed) all other items are non essential and should therefore be left at home. All children will be issued with their own bottle of hand sanitiser in school and an individual pack containing all the equipment they will need. PE kits will need to be worn on PE days to avoid the need for PE kits to be stored in school. Only Robins Class will enter and leave school via the side cloakroom door, Toucans will go to the mobile as usual and Kingfishers and Owls will use their class fire door. Staggered entry and exit times are in operation as listed below and we ask for your cooperation in adhering to these and leaving the site as soon as possible. Owls- 8:45 and 3:20 Kingfishers- 8:55 and 3:10 Robins- 9:05 and 3:00 Toucans (from Monday 7th)- 9:15 and 2:50 Information regarding Toucans three induction days has been emailed out by Miss Parker. Sadly at present we are unable to welcome parents in the school building including the office area, all communication needs to be via email or telephone please- 01945 420269