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Everyone came into school after the half term to see that the hall had been turned into a rainforest. This strated out topic and we even had one English lesson in the rainforest in the first week! Our English was based around the book - 'The Great Kapok Tree'. We learnt about the different parts of the rainforest and used our new vocabulary to write a descriptive paragraph using all our senses. After reading the story we used our knowledge of inverted commas to write a conversation between the animals and the human who was cutting down the tree. The book was enjoyed by all.

In maths we have been working with fractions and are now able to add and subtract fractions with the same denominator. We can also find a fraction of a number and some of use are working with mixed numbers and improper fractions.

In science we all loved disecting the flowers and finding out what all the different parts were called along with their jobs. We conducted a science experiment to try and work out the best conditions for plants to grow.

It has been a very busy topic but we have achieved so much and worked very hard! No onto our Medicine topic.

Train Planes and Automobiles

In this topic we used the book 'The Railway Children'. We really enjoyed meeting the characters in the book and used the film to make some comparisons.

In our science work we look at friction and how trains and cars travelled down the ramp on different surfaces. We worked hard on making a fair test, it was very tricky at times. We did continue our investigation skills when working with the electrical circuits equipment. We discovered how to light the bulb and also discussed the effects of adding bulbs and how switches worked. We even moved onto using the langauge of conductors and insulators. To prove we could complete a circuit we made a moving propellor car using an electric circuit. A great topic, which we all enjoyed.



Well we have now managed to complete our Toys topic. I think everyone enjoyed making the magnetic maze and especially the magic moving cars. We used all our magnet knowledge and learnt about some interesting places where magents could be found within our own home. We also learnt about springs and enjoyed investigating which ones were the strongest. Our spring 'Jack in the box' toy was made by all children, who enjoyed frightening people with their spider version.

Our English was based upon the Iron Man and we all loved the story. The children wrote a very good newspaper article about how the village coped with the Iron Giant arriving. 

2022 - Welcome back!! I hope you all had a lovely Chrismas and wish you all a happy new year.  


We have had a very good Christmas week. During the week, we have made melting snowman cookies. our own 2022 calendar, paper snowmen and snow flakes, reindeer chocolate cookies and foam snowmen. We also squeezed in a maths mystery and a Christmas activity booklet. Everyone really enjoyed Rev Mark's Christmas service, especially the chocolate story! Our week ended with a visit to the Panto and a Christmas party! What a week!

Where’s Wally

Our Where’s Wally topic began with a fantastic whole school WOW day. We all came dressed as Wally, a character from the books or a traditional dress from around the world. We boarded the TSM airlines to make journey around the world. We travelled to 6 continents and took part in traditional dance or a craft activity associated with the country we landed in. It was a very enjoyable day.

In geography, we focused on Europe. We learnt about some of the countries were in Europe and how to use an atlas. We labelled some maps and used a key to work out what the atlas was telling us. We the focused on Italy. We used books and the internet to find out about what the terrain was like in Italy and where in Europe it could be found. We used our research to make a project board, which contained a 3D model of the country along with labels and information boxes explaining some human and physical features.

We have read the book ‘The Boy Who Biked The World’, which we really enjoyed. We followed his journey through Europe and tried to emphasis with the main character. We wrote a diary entry and everyone recalled how many banana sandwiches he ate within one day!


We have now completed our discovery topic and have learnt lots about the Vikings. We now understand when the Vikings first invaded and can also explain reasons why they decided to come to Great Britain. Everyone has enjoyed finding out information from a variety of sources and we have begun to question the reliability of some sources – especially some bits from the Monks. One of the favourite parts of our learning was the Viking day – where we met an actual Viking! Children took part in many different role play scenarios and even got to experience a Viking funeral. Our Viking long ships were made and we found out lots of facts about them.

In English, we have been using the book ‘Arthur and the Golden Rope’. We enjoyed writing a letter to apply for a visit to the Brownstone Family Vault. Mrs Burton even organised a trip there (sometimes known as Kings Lynn Museum!). We enjoyed this story about a Vikings and wrote some great stories of his journey to the God of Storm.

In Maths, we have been looking at the formal written method of addition. Some of us even managed to find out the missing digits within a calculation!

All About Me!


Our first topic is now complete and we have learnt a lot of information about our body. We have been remembering the names of some of the bones in our body (with the help of Bob our skeleton!) and why we need them. We have made models of muscles and know they work together by relaxing and contracting to help us move. Everyone really enjoyed the work on our digestive system. Using the names of our body organs we could describe the journey of a piece of food using some great scientific vocabulary.


Our class book has been ‘The Boy at the Back of the Class’ and we have really enjoyed this story about the refugee boy Ahmet. We have written a diary entry and discovered lots of facts about Refugees in our country.


Welcome Back Kingfishers!

I am really looking forward to a new year! I hope you are all excited too.

Our timetable is now set and we plan to do PE lessons on Wednesday (Indoor) and Thursday (Outdoor). Therefore, on these days you will be required to have your PE kit with you. We are currently going back to getting changed at school as this term we do sometimes get very wet and muddy when the weather changes! If we decide to change this we will let you know. We are now using lockers again so you are welcome to bring your kit in for the week and just leave it in your locker.

School will be open from 8.50 ready for a 9am start. You will now come in through the cloakroom door, just like before.

To try and avoid some congestion at the end of the day (3.15) I will be sending Kingfishers out via the fire exit door (like our Covid arrangements). I felt this was easier and quicker. If you have children in Owls too, just stand on the corner between the doors and both myself and Mr Spelman will see you.

Homework will continue to come home on a Friday and be required to be returned the following Friday. This will allow 7 full days for you to complete the one piece of numeracy and one piece of literacy. We have many new initiatives for reading starting this year so keep an eye out for books being sent home for pleasure and also some reading homework will be on its way to you too (more information will follow).

Our planner is a great way of communicating so please feel free to write any notes in there and when we have seen them we will sign it to say the message has been received.


See you Monday 6th September

Mrs Burton