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Our Space topic has been very enjoyable. I think the trip to The Space Museum was a highlight for all children.

During our Space topic we learnt all about light. We could describe how shadows are made and also investigated how to change the size of shadows. In our investigation we classified materials using the vocabulary opaque, translucent and transparent. Mr Spelman taught us all about how sound is made through vibrations and how these travel. We looked at instruments and even made our own telephones.

Our class book was Jamie Drake’s Equation, we enjoyed reading some of the story about the boy who had a dad as an astronaut. We thought about going into Space and finding a new planet (which we designed) We then write our own story about landing on a Planet and discovering an alien!

Everyone enjoyed reading lots of books (fiction and non-fiction), a particular favourite was the one which played the music from Gustav Holst - The Planet Suite


Well this topic has certainly been exciting! Our whole 4 weeks have all been about CHOCOLATE!

We used Charlie and the Chocolate factory film clips to inspire our own chocolate room design. Everyone designed a room which was completely edible, every item was made to be eaten even the trees, plant and grass. We created some wonderful descriptive paragraphs using some powerful adjectives and adverbs.

The whole class tasted lots of different varieties of chocolate and researched what products were available to buy already. We studied packaging, brands and suitability of ingredients within a chocolate bar. In small groups children then designed their own chocolate bar. They made a company name and began designing.

Everyone got to make samples of their chocolate bar.

To communicate our ideas, we made a design board which included; a cross section of our bar, ingredients, packaging, introductory offers, typed radio adverts, slogans and any other advertisements that linked with our branding. We then invited parents to view our design boards along with our jingles and animations at the end of the week.

Just finished all our hard work ready to enjoy Christmas week.


We have been learning about where our food comes from. We have looked at the farming in our local area  but also reasons why some food is imported from another country. We used a website to fnd out how many miles our food has travelled.

All children then planned their own meal, focusing on 3 ingredients. They researched where these foods come from, how they are grown and how arrive on our plate.

To help our understanding of farming and it's importance we looked at crop rotation, farmers jobs and the machinary involved. We enjoyed the book 'Right here, Right Now' which explained where the child's food from the day comes from.


So we have now just finished our Tydd topic. We looked at our pace in the world and how the country in split into counties.

We focused our topic on learning about Octavia Hill - who was born in Wisbech. We learnt about why she was famous. Everyone enjoyed researching about the impact she had on housing and also open spaces. Children were amazed that someone who lived in Wisbech was a founder of the National Trust.

In English we read the book Chimney Child as this gave us an insight into life in Victorian times, when Octavia Hill lived. We wrote a diary entry and focused on the two children and compared the rich and poor life.

Welcome Back!

We have had a great first day back and everyone has settled in well.

Information about class routines will filter through the week and notes will be sent home in the planner to help you all understand the expectations.

PE days are Wednesday and Thursday. Wednesday is indoor PE, where children need shorts and t-shirts. Thursday is outdoor PE, where children may require a warmer layer as the weather cools down.

We are all looking forward to the new year!