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Planes, Trains and Automobiles

This topic has allowed us to focus on our science topic about forces and electricity. We began with investigating how a wheeled train travelled down a variety of sloping surfaces. We learnt about friction and its effect upon the vehicles speed and distance. We recorded results from our investigation and made some conclusions. When we made our own investigation, we tried to keep it a fair test and everyone made their own enquiry question.

During our electricity topic we discovered how to make a successful simple series circuit. We used bulbs and buzzers within our circuits. To record our work we used scientific circuit diagrams, using the symbols to represent the components. Using our knowledge of circuits and switches we made a propeller car. This was great fun and we particularly enjoyed individualising them and racing them. Our topic was concluded with identifying conductors and insulators.

Our book the railway children was enjoyed by everyone. We used the film and book to complete the story in 4 weeks. We saw many similarities and differences along with learning some new vocabulary along the way.


During our toys topic we have been investigating with magnets and springs. We have all enjoyed looking at toys, which use these within their mechanisms. When investigating we made some interesting discovers about what was magnetic and what was not. We then used our knowledge to make our own magnetic toys. Our magnetic maze was great fun and our magnetic cars, which were powered by the repulsion of magnetics, were magical to watch. After exploring a variety of springs we then used a spring to make our own Jack in Box. Our paper springs worked very well and the spider jumped out of the box with force.

Our book for this topic was The Iron Man. We enjoyed this story and made a wonderful newspaper article about the coming of the Iron Man.

Where’s Wally

This topic began with great excitement as we all came dressed as Wally or a countries traditional outfit. As a whole school, we got onto Tydd Airlines and went on a journey around the world. We tasted food and looked at some wonders of the world on our journey. Although we talked about the 7 continents, we concentrated on Europe. We used atlases and labelled countries and their capitals.

Our text was ‘The Boy Who Biked The World’. We enjoyed learning about his journey through Europe and also into Africa. We learnt a lot about travelling and what you need to take with you. Mrs Burton bought in her passports as some children had never seen one before. Everyone wrote a great diary entry, including their geographical knowledge within their writing.

We studied Italy in detail and even made a 3d image of the country on our presentation. We used a variety of sources to find information about physical and human features within the country. We looked at key facts about the country and information you may need if you went on holiday there.


In this topic we have been very busy. It all began with a fantastic theme day – we became Vikings for a day. We learnt all about being Vikings and how a village would be run. Some children had to go and see the wise woman to get medicine – it was very smelly there! Others were chosen to become our protectors, learning how to fight and protect the village. In the afternoon, we became archaeologists and uncovered some artefacts from the Viking era. We learnt how to record our findings.

To continue our work we researched different aspects of the Viking era. With all the information we discovered, we made an information sheet with subheadings and pictures. As Vikings settled in many places we researched what made a good settlement, considering all the important factors.

Our book was Arthur and the Golden Rope, we enjoyed this book and wrote the journey of Arthur.


All About Me

Well our first topic is complete! We have learnt the names of our bones and the purpose of our skeleton. We have enjoyed having Bob the skeleton in our classroom and say thank you to Florence and her Mum for leading him to us. We enjoyed making our moving skeleton and used these to try to recall as many bones names as we were able. To understand how we move we watched some fun video clips and made a model of a muscle using card and elastic bands.

We then moved onto finding out what happens inside our body. We named the major internal organs and then found out in more detail what happens to our food when we have eaten. We loved seeing the journey food takes and completed some great written word explaining this process.

In literacy we used a book called ‘The Boy at the Back of the Class’. We loved listening to the story and our written work has included diary entries and a description of a market. It has created great discussion about Refugees and what is happening in our current world.

After working hard we are all excited about our next topic – Discovery!