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All primary schools are now in receipt of £8000 per year (+£5 per pupil) for Sports Premium. Our commitment to sport and activity is to ensure that all pupils have the opportunity to be involved in a range of sports and different activities that promote health and wellbeing.

Schools are able to make use of this funding in a variety of ways. At Tydd St Mary we have made use of the funding to employ a Gymnastic coach to delivery weekly sessions to every child in the school and each year we fund a Gymnastic Festival with 6 other schools from our Collaborative Partnership at the local Gymnastics Club.

The funding has also enabled us to increase our participation in competitive sports (both locally and at County level with School Games) and we have been able to expose the children to a broader range of sporting activities (basketball and table tennis were introduced into the curriculum in 2016/17) resourcing these sports to help staff teach them more effectively. A thriving Table Tennis Club- Tydd Topspin now runs from the school serving the children and the wider community. Tydd Titans- the school Basketball squad now competes in The Norfolk Basketball League, with an under 9 squad, an under 11 development squad and the under 11 team.

By working alongside Level 2 coaches (hired for gymnastics, basketball and table tennis) the knowledge and skills of all staff in the teaching of P.E has improved. We have also used the funding to train existing members of staff to Level 2 coaching standard.

We work in partnership with Sport2day to expose children to a range of activity including Tchoukball, Khabbadhi, Fencing, Archery and Kurling and strive to ensure that all children leave our school having represented the school at a sporting event.

During the academic year 2022/23 86% pupils in Year 6 were able to swim 25 metres + on leaving the school.

Sports Funding provision and budget planning/ spending and impact 2022/23

Competitive Games participation 2023/24 will be updated during the course of the year.

Our commitment to providing children with the motivation necessary to maintain a lifelong participation in physical activity and sport has seen the school work alongside local clubs (inviting them in to promote their work and arranging free tickets to watch fixtures) resulting in a greater number of pupils becoming involved in squad and team events beyond the school day. This has been particularly successful with our local hockey club, our local gymnastics club and our local basketball club who all compete at national level.