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Top tips for reading aloud to children throughout primary

Did you know that reading aloud is the single most important thing you can do to help children achieve academic success?

Early exposure to reading aloud has such a long-term influence on children’s outcomes that pediatricians in the United States are now required to “prescribe” reading to parents of all babies from birth! Reading aloud is in itself extremely beneficial for children of all ages, but research shows that there are things you can do at home to support early literacy even more as you read.

The key is to keep reading aloud, even after they know how to read independently! A child’s reading level doesn’t catch up to their listening level until about age 14. Reading more complex books aloud to older children improves their vocabulary and reading comprehension!

Barefoot Books have written a blog post with some practical, evidence-based tips for supporting literacy from infancy through school age.

Find it here-


Teachers' Reading Challenge

The teachers couldn't wait to start their reading challenge. Miss Parker only told everyone about it today (5/7/21) and already some of them have chosen their 6 books (or more) for the summer. If you see some books here that you would like to read then don't worry because when we come back to school in September, these books will be available for you to take home and read or share with your grown ups too. It's all part of our brand new 'Reading Journey' launching in the new school year.

Mrs Walker    Miss Day   Mrs Burton

          Mrs Want   Miss Atkin

Mrs Van Dyke   Mrs Smart   Miss Brown

          Miis Hornsby   Mr Spelman

Miss Sherry   Mrs Thompsett   Mr Ely

Mrs Neale

Maddy Yip's Guide to Life- free book opportunity

If you are 8+ and would like a free copy of the brand new book 'Maddy Yip's Guide to Life', ask your parent/guardian to sign up at If you are one of the lucky winners, you just have to agree to read the book and then review it. You will receive the book over the summer holidays so could count it towards the Summer Reading Challenge too!

Teachers' Reading Challenge

This summer, some of the teachers' will be taking on the Teachers' Reading Challenge. We're a competitive bunch so keep an eye out after the summer holidays and see who is proudly showing off their certificates of achievement. Don't forget that you can take part in the Summer Reading Challenge too. Sign up at

Year 5 new books- A Dinosaur Ate My Sister

We were lucky enough to be sent a brand new box of books from Macmillan Kids UK and the Reading Agency as part of the Marcus Rashford Book Club. 9 of our Year 5 children have been chosen to take home the book, read it and then review it. Here they are enjoying their new book.


Y5 readers


Summer Reading Challenge 2022

The Summer Reading Challenge website is now live and has some excellent activities as well as an easy way to keep track of the challenge.


Parent Reading for Pleasure survey

If you have already completed the RfP survey then thank you.

If not, please follow the link below.


100 Recommended Reads for Reception to Year 6


100 Recommended Reads for Reception

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100 Recommended Reads for Year 1

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100 Recommended Reads for Year 2

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100 Recommended Reads for Year 3

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100 Recommended Reads for Year 4

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100 Recommended Reads for Year 5

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100 Recommended Reads for Year 6

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